Learning About Chinese Astrology Online

You can find a great deal of sites that feature Chinese astrology online, for example this one. Due to the fact that it has been around since ancient times, it is one of the most popular forms of astrology in the world. There is so much that you can learn about it from those that have come before you.

One thing is that like many other forms of astrology, it does have 12 signs, but instead of constellations or mythical figures, it uses animals as a form of representation. The animals used are the rabbit, snake, dragon, horse, rat, pig, ox, goat, tiger, monkey, dog and rooster. Each animal represents a certain type of personality and they rotate every 12 years.

Each year there is a different animals that represents the entire year. In 2018 it will be the year of the dog all year long. The Chinese calendar, however, begins on January 28th of each year. So, an animal is the animal each year.

One aspect of this is that each person will be in the year of their birth sign every 12 years. It is believed that this will be a year of bad luck for that individual. So, for each person they will experience bad luck when they are 12, 24, 36 and so on. Other approaches to this is to say that one should take special care during these years in all specific decisions they make about their life and future. This is especially true when it comes to wealth, love and career.

Like many other forms of astrology from around the world, it is believed that your birth sign will tell you a lot about your personality. In the horoscope that can be derived from the sign, there are certain traits that are believed to be possessed by those that carry that sign. For example, rats are believed to be resourceful, quick-witted and versatile. In almost every case the traits that are listed are positive in nature.

Finally, the chinese have long believed that there is an ability to understand compatibility based on the birth sign of the two individuals. In fact, this has long been used to determine the future of a relationship, especially marriage. In this way it is also very similar to a number of other forms of astrology that has been used around the world. You can learn even more about Chinese astrology online.