Is Your Relationship Reeling From Discovering Your Partners Affair?

Has your significant other two-timed you? Is your relationship hurting from episodes of cheating?

It’s essential to permit yourself to feel the emotional states that rise when learning of your partner’s betrayal. Keeping such feelings suppressed within you can be harmful for you.

Furthermore, you never want to express those emotions in front of the wrong people, like your dependents, and certainly not your spouse, as this will surely make things even more difficult. Infidelity can engender feelings of anger, and seeking therapy with a therapist who is proficient in couples or affairs counselling can help you to share your feelings in a healthy environment.

One of the most prevalent assumptions that people are likely to make regarding an affair is that it’s all about the affair and the ‘other’ person, when really the affair tends to be symptomatic of deep-rooted issues inside the relationship or unmet emotional needs. A relationship counsellor will be equipped to raise the form of questions that will help you and your partner to find out what was going on inside the relationship; matters that ultimately led to the illicit sexual relationship.

At The Hove Counselling Practice you will be in a supportive environment to vocalise your emotions regarding the infidelity and counselling will help you work through your needs and future goals in the relationship. Should you decide to maintain the relationship, then counselling can assist you in reviving your connection with your partner and in lifting your commitment to another level.

The discovery of infidelity can be potentially ruinous for couples. Feelings experienced by both spouses after such a crack may comprise melancholy, anger, rage, animosity, or emotional upset. Fixing the break is a rigorous process. At The Hove Counselling Practice, we work with clients on the journey toward recovery. Together, we address the significance of the infidelity, the past and present-day needs of both partners, and behaviours that sustain patterns of uncertainty and suspicion. For partners invested in the longevity of their connection, the intent is to create a course of action for restoring trust, solidarity, and connectedness.

Through infidelity counselling individuals can make more sense of what is transpiring inside their relational domain. Their minds may be opened to thought sequences and actions which can easily boost interconnecting and stimulate a positive journey of maturation with their partner depite the infidelity. Many married couples feel enlightened and empowered by marital and infidelity counselling and although the work might be exacting sometimes, more often than not individuals end up happier.