how To Raise Your Virbration And Attract Exactly What You Want

What Does It Mean To Raise Your Vibration?

Everything is made of energy. According to the law of vibration, that energy is in a state of constant vibration.
Yes, even you.

So raising the vibration simply means that you change the speed at which your energy is shaken. This depends on your emotional, mental and physical condition. You can change your energy shake by changing the way you feel, think, or act. It can be as simple as doing kindness and love. Or it can be a quiet meditation that you do once a day. There are many ways to raise vibration. We will explore this below.

Intentions as Energy

Although many eastern religions have known this for thousands of years, scientists have recently begun to demonstrate that our thoughts can change the physical properties of things around us.

This may sound like science fiction, but it is a fact that has been verified by numerous studies published in scientific journals. One of the studies conducted by Dr. Yong Jongxia, Ph.D, and Dean Radin, Ph.D., showed that “well-intentioned” tea actually improves the mood of those who drink it.

Participants, who thought they drank “treated” tea, but had already got regular tea, had experienced mood spikes, but not as much as those who actually drank tea. Knowing that they were drinking tea or not making any real difference in the effect. There have been many other studies that prove the same thing: our intentions, thoughts, and words can physically change the world around us.

High Vibration vs. Low Vibration

The positive intentions in the “tea” experience above are what we call higher vibration energies. The more vibration, the more its frequency and become ethereal. Higher irrational frequencies actually create light waves that go beyond the physical material.

On the other hand, the least vibrations are heavy and associated with dense material. Just like intentions of high vibrations like love, mercy and hope can manipulate material matter, intentions of low vibrations like fear, hate and anger can do the same. One of the best manifestations of this phenomenon is the Baxter effect. Cliff Baxter, a CIA interrogation specialist in the 1950s and 1960s, was one of the prominent experts on a polygraph, known as a polygraph.

One night, while in his lab, try connecting a factory to a printing machine, my curiosity to see if there is any strong contact between the printing machine and a live factory, but to no avail. Nothing happened. Instead, Backstay burned one of the leaves of the plant to see if there was any effect. When she got up to find her matches, the polygraph machine began to frantically interact. Lie detector readings match those shouting in fear.

The factory responded to the least vibration intent to cause pain, and the printing machine felt its reaction clearly. Baxter was able to reproduce the results of his experiment again and again with different plants and even bacteria. His experiences show that even things that have no soul or what we consider “consciousness” can interact with our intentions.